Webshop Connector

Connect Magento to to handle your online orders automatically within your backoffice. With the Webshop Connector from AccountOne, your sales, product and stock information is always op-to-date – both in your Magento webshop and in your backoffice. (read in Dutch)

Benefits Webshop Connector:

  • Always insight into your inventory and sales.
  • Inform your customers accurate and complete
  • Save time due to elimination of manual actions

Magento Webshops

Magento is increasingly used as an additional sales channel. Ideally, you process your sales in Logistics. With this you can keep grip on your finances, sales, inventory and logistics. Of course, you can manually transfer orders from your Magento webshop to your business software. But it is much more efficient to do this automated. How? By connecting your Magento webshop with Logistics!

Connecting Magento with

The Webshop Connector synchronize orders in your Magento webshop directly with your Logistics backoffice. Data, such as current inventory, product information, orders and customer data are constantly exchanged by the connection.


With the Magento webshop connector you can increase customer satisfaction significantly. Existing and new customers place their own orders and pay directly. The customer chooses when and at what location the order will be delivered. By automating manual actions, you can also save substantial time, such as during order processing!

Magento B2B customer portal

The Magento B2B customer portal with personal accounts provides important additional benefits. For example: each customer has access to his personal system environment with their own prices and delivery conditions.
Sales representatives have access to the complete range of current prices in real-time. In conjunction with CRM, your marketing department better understands the sensitivity of customers for marketing campaigns. New marketing actions can be launched more quickly and efficiently. In short, the webshop connector will bring you closer to your customer!


  • A lot of time saving: no double data entry
  • Avoiding mistakes
  • Saving on outside sales force
  • Powerful backoffice for purchasing, sales and inventory
  • Unambiguous data: 1 database instead of two separate registrations
  • Date insight into stock and finance
  • Higher customer satisfaction: current and complete sales information, order directly and pay
  • Make faster and more effective marketing campaigns

More about the connection

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